Brazil's Temer cancels trip to G20 summit amid corruption scandal

Brazil's Temer cancels trip to G20 summit amid corruption scandal

Brazil's Temer cancels trip to G20 summit amid corruption scandal

Brazilian President Michel Temer has made a decision to cancel a previously planned trip to Hamburg, Germany, for the upcoming G20 summit there, the presidential office said late Wednesday.

A Brazilian Supreme Court justice sent a corruption charge against President Michel Temer to Congress on Wednesday, advancing the process under which the center-right leader could be removed from office to face trial for graft.

In order for judicial proceedings to start, the corruption accusation has to be endorsed by at least two thirds in the Chamber of Deputies, which is the lower house of Brazil's Congress.

The charges are the latest blow to the unpopular president, whose administration is hanging on by a thread after secret recordings emerged last month that appeared to show him endorsing bribery in a conversation with the meatpacking company's CEO.

A statement from Temer's office said that a vehicle drove at high speed towards the Alvorada Palace in the capital Brasilia late on Wednesday, forcing guards to fire at the auto. But Janot is widely expected to level fresh charges of racketeering and obstruction of justice against Temer in the coming weeks, forcing lawmakers into multiple votes on a possible presidential trial.

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Michel Temer called on Tuesday for "fiction" these accusations of corruption, criticizing the lack of "concrete evidence". Batista also accused Temer and aides of negotiating millions of dollars in illegal donations for his Brazilian Democratic Movement Party. The party is deeply divided, with many members wanting to distance themselves from Temer to improve their re-election chances next year.

If found guilty, Temer would face a $3 million fine and two to 12 years in prison.

Temer's supporters say they have between 250 and 300 votes in the 513 seat lower house to block a trial.

The president and one-third of his cabinet, as well as four former presidents and dozens of lawmakers are under investigation or already charged in the schemes.

Were Temer to be found guilty, Congress would appoint a caretaker president to serve out his term, which ends on January 1, 2019.

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