British PM strikes deal with Irish party

British PM strikes deal with Irish party

British PM strikes deal with Irish party

The deal, which enables May to stay on as prime minister after failing to win an overall majority in the general election, means that, in return, the DUP will support the Conservative government in all budget and Brexit votes.

"And, will all parts of the United Kingdom receive the much needed additional funding that Northern Ireland will get as part of the deal?"

As part of the deal, 10 lawmakers from the DUP will also support May's Conservative party in the Parliament including voting for the Queen's Speech, which sets the legislative program for the country which was delayed from the original date on June 19.

"The content of the confidence and supply agreement between the Conservative Party and the DUP is primarily a matter for those two parties".

The DUP has also agreed to support the May government on legislation regards to Britain's exit from EU.

The Conservative - DUP agreement has been outlined in a three page document published in full. In the end, she became weaker, with her party failing win the 326seats needed for a parliamentary majority, and needing the support of the DUP to continue in government.

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Northern Ireland will receive £1.5 billion in funding - consisting of £1 billion of new money and £500 million of previously announced funds - to be spent over the next two years on infrastructure, health and education.

"Inevitably, some of the policy agreement between both parties reflects their long held views". The DUP is ultra-conservative on issues such as gay rights and abortion and the deal is certain to alarm social liberals on all sides of the political divide.

The deal was crucial for May because she needs the DUP's support to pass legislation to extricate the United Kingdom from European Union laws and treaties. "We very much want to see that protected and enhanced and we also share the desire to ensure a strong government, able to put through its program and provide for issues like the Brexit negotiations, but also national security issues". He added extra money for Northern Ireland was not unreasonable, saying: "The deal is a effect of the general election and what has happened, and it looks like a good deal."I think most things are agreed, obviously one point people won't agree on is the extra money that has been given to Northern Ireland, but it isn't the same as anywhere else".

"The money that is attached to this agreement is actually less than the money attached to the original Stormont agreement in 2014", he told the BBC.

The cash will go to the Northern Ireland executive if the devolved institutions are restored by the deadline of June 29.

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