Michael Phelps races great white shark, loses by 2 seconds

Michael Phelps races great white shark, loses by 2 seconds

Michael Phelps races great white shark, loses by 2 seconds

He wore a specially-equipped wetsuit with a fin to mimic a shark's movements underwater, and completed the feat in 38.1 seconds - but he was no match for the Great White, which raced to the finish line two seconds faster.

The most decorated Olympian Michael Phelps of all time keep up with a great white shark.

Aside from the race itself, "Phelps vs. Shark" gave us some great material for Sunday-night television watching. Great White - to the simulated shark by two seconds. But, just as the big race was about to begin on Sunday, TV viewers were given the shocking news that Phelps, 32, was racing against a computer simulation. In other words, man and shark did not really swim side-by-side. #SharkWeek said: "In order for @MichaelPhelps to beat a shark, he must become a shark". But he lost against the hammerhead, which finished with a time of 15.1 seconds.

"I know it's stupid to think Michael Phelps was actually going to be racing against a real shark but I'm stupid and upset", tweeted @nicoleee_adams.

If you're Discovery's competition, Nat Geo Wild, how do you compete with the behemoth that has become "Shark Week?". Instead, it was a CGI shark animated into footage of Phelps swimming in the waters off South Africa. The film was then superimposed over the clip of Phelps in the water to create the "race" aspect of the show.

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And don't worry - he actually wasn't in the water with them, it was done with special effects.

It is Shark Week, which means there will be extensive coverage around the world on the Discovery Channel, but what about the sharks swimming on our coast here in the east?

Despite the fact that shark attacks are uncommon, she says people should still be careful. A white shark averages around 36 seconds per 100M.

As for Phelps, the race gave him a new "appreciation for how fast [sharks] move through the water, especially at their size, "he told USA Today. Next time.warmer water".

To be fair, the odds were already stacked against Phelps: Great white sharks can reach top speeds of 25 to 35 miles per hour, while Phelps reached top speeds of only 5 to 6 miles per hour, even while wearing a monofin.

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