New OnePlus 5 Bug Reboots Your Device When You Call 911

New OnePlus 5 Bug Reboots Your Device When You Call 911

New OnePlus 5 Bug Reboots Your Device When You Call 911

The OnePlus 5 had some issues with its display and its audio playback from videos, and now it looks like the device has a new problem.

When you dial 911, the device is created to report your location to the operator so that they can dispatch the emergency services to your exact location.

If some users' complaints are to believed, the newly launched OnePlus smartphone may have a bug that reboots the phone when an emergency number is dialled.

OnePlus owner Nick Morelli posted about the flaw on the OnePlus subreddit, noting that he was able to replicate the reboot process over multiple test calls. It is a scary issue as the device is basically of no use when the user tries to get through 911 in case of urgency. Last month, users complained of a "jelly scrolling" issue plaguing the handset's display.

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OnePlus has already confirmed to The Next Web that it is looking into the issue and asks that anyone else experiencing it to contact

It could be the phone encounters a problem when using Global Positioning System to provide a location to the person at the other end of the call, something emergency service operators look to leverage.

Redditor ObscureProject wrote: "There has been only one instance in my life when I had to dial 911, and let me tell you, it was hard enough dialing those 3 numbers".

This, while the most serious issue OnePlus 5 users have encountered, isn't the only problem that users of the smartphone have reported. Some other users on the same Reddit thread also said they did not face the issue. The publication was told OnePlus has contacted Morelli about the issue and are now working to resolve it.

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