Pennsylvania murders: Killer used pig roaster to burn bodies, official says

Pennsylvania murders: Killer used pig roaster to burn bodies, official says

Pennsylvania murders: Killer used pig roaster to burn bodies, official says

The charging documents state that DiNardo and Kratz chose to rob Finocchiaro instead.

A man who confessed to killing four men who disappeared last week in Pennsylvania's Bucks County and his suspected co-conspirator were hit with homicide charges Friday as gruesome details emerged surrounding the deaths. Both were being held in jail without bail. "It is my hope that he does not post that but that is his prerogative of course if he can post it, but we're going to start looking seriously at the homicide charges and in fact we already have pursued that option".

A person with first-hand knowledge of his confession said Cosmo DiNardo killed the four separately after selling them marijuana and then burned their bodies at his family's farm.

"I'm sorry", a shackled DiNardo said as he left the courthouse. He said three of the men's remains - those of Meo, Finocchiaro and Sturgis - were discovered in a 12-foot deep common grave, while Patrick's remains were found in another location on the farm.

Investigators located Patrick's body Thursday.

Dinardo, who was arrested for theft on Wednesday, confessed to his involvement in the killings the next day, his attorney Paul Lang said. In exchange for his confession, prosecutors agreed to spare the confessed killer's life.

But as for a motive to explain what led the pair to a series of killings that have gripped Philadelphia and much of the region for the past week, Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub had no explanations to offer.

"I can't predict the future, but that is what I believe", Weintraub said.

"I'm not sure", he said, "we could ever answer that question".

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In exchange for DiNardo's cooperation, Lang said, prosecutors were taking the death penalty off the table. DiNardo picked Kratz, his cousin, beforehand, and they drove to Finocchiaro's residence in Middletown Township. DiNardo admitted to killing Patrick after he didn't have the $8,000 he agreed to pay for four pounds of marijuana. "I don't know what convinced him (to confess)", Weintraub said.

It's not clear why Dinardo cooperated.

On Thursday, his attorney was in Philadelphia court to request a continuance for further investigation in that case. The three men drove to DiNardo's family's property, where Kratz shot him in the head. Patrick only had $800, and they walked to a secluded part of the property where DiNardo shot him with a.22 caliber rifle. He said he used a backhoe to dig the hole in which he buried Patrick's body. DiNardo sold quarter-pound quantities of marijuana for several thousand dollars and sold handguns to area residents, the person said.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Kratz was allegedly present during the murders of Meo, Sturgis, and Dean A. Finocchiaro, 19.

In June 2016, surveillance video caught him and an accomplice breaking into a shed on a property on the 6400 block of Dorcas Street and walking away with a leaf blower, weed whacker and a box containing tools, all valued at $1,000, according to the probable cause affidavit filed for his arrest. Sturgis' father said he had heard his son and Meo mention Finocchiaro in the past. But Kratz told police that Dinardo was the one who shot Finocchiaro.

They then placed him in a metal tank that Dinardo referred to as the pig roaster, according to the criminal complaint.

Dinardo told police that when they exited the property he shot Meo in the back, who fell to the ground screaming. DiNardo drove a backhoe to the crime scene and buried him, the documents state. He used a backhoe to bury the body. An unnamed witness stated DiNardo attempted to sell the auto to him for $500.

Court papers indicate DiNardo then crushed Meo with the backhoe, and Sturgis was fatally shot as he ran.

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