Russian Federation 'ready to take reciprocal measures' if U.S. doesn't return compounds

Russian Federation 'ready to take reciprocal measures' if U.S. doesn't return compounds

Russian Federation 'ready to take reciprocal measures' if U.S. doesn't return compounds

Russia's Foreign Ministry has issued a statement today warning that they believe there are too many USA spies operating in Moscow under diplomatic cover, and that they may decide to expel some of those "diplomats" soon in retaliation for United States moves late a year ago.

The warning to not only expel USA diplomats and arrest U.S. diplomatic property, but to considerably cut the personnel of the USA embassy in Russian Federation looks like a measure which will backfire not on President Trump but on the State Department and its everyday work.

Separately, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Putin had not yet taken any decision on retaliation.

The compounds were closed as part of a larger punishment, which included sanctions, for Russia's 2016 presidential election meddling.

President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the two compounds at the Group of 20 summit last week, but were unable to reach a final agreement.

"The time is ticking", Zakharova said.

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Flynn may have violated the Logan Act, which prohibits Americans from negotiating with foreign governments about disputes with the United States.

Veselnitskaya was said to be a "Russian government attorney", and her meeting with Trump Jr. has added fuel to suspicion in the United States that the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia during the election.

Russia has vowed to kick out American diplomats if the USA refuses to reopen two Russian compounds - one on Long Island and another in Maryland - that were shuttered a year ago.

She reiterated familiar points made by top Russian officials trying to build a closer relationship with the Trump administration by blaming all bilateral issues on former US President Barack Obama. "It particularly concerns the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats the unlawful seizure of Russia's property despite its diplomatic immunity", the Russian Foreign Ministry's spokeswoman noted.

She further complained that USA officials were not issuing visas to Russian diplomats to allow Moscow to replace the expelled employees. As for the measures - the number of personnel at the United States embassy in Moscow significantly exceeds the number of our personnel working in Washington. "One of our options, apart from a tit-for-tat expulsion of Americans, would be to even out the numbers".

The White House aide explained that the administration is not "looking to create new enemies" and that they would "like to have better relations with Russian Federation".

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