Trump names Gen. John Kelly as chief of staff, Priebus out

Trump names Gen. John Kelly as chief of staff, Priebus out

Trump names Gen. John Kelly as chief of staff, Priebus out

President Trump ended a week defined by White House staff turmoil when he named retired Marine Gen. John Kelly as his new chief of staff on Friday evening.

Reince Priebus quit as chief of staff Thursday because the internal discord at the White House had become "unsustainable" and because he felt President Donald Trump's treatment demeaning, several Priebus allies told The Washington Post on Friday. He's a great great American.

The two men have long harbored bad blood, with Priebus trying to block Scaramucci for West Wing jobs both at the start of the administration and as recently as last week when Trump picked the man known as "Mooch" to head up a lagging White House communications team, according to sources inside and outside of the White House familiar with the situation.

The report cited Trump's tweets Wednesday announcing the transgender ban for the USA military.

The President also tweeted his thanks to Mr Priebus, writing: "I would like to thank Reince Priebus for his service and dedication to his country".

And the president's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., seemed supportive of Scaramucci's quest to clamp down on leaks, saying Friday: "All I know is that he isn't/wasn't the leak!" I'm interested to see if John Kelly is able to fill the more traditional role that a White House chief of staff has played and, frankly, having more of a say about staffing issues, the messaging and then bringing some sense of decorum and discipline to the White House. "And I'm not real fond of people who try to show off the strength of their egos by using the profanity and vulgar language that Mr. Scaramucci used to describe Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus".

"I'm not going to get into the weeds on that", Priebus continued after telling Blitzer he and Trump "had an understanding" about a possible transition in the near future.

Trump broke the news in the only way we've come to expect from him: on Twitter.

President Trump names Gen. John Kelly as new chief of staff
Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) took to her Twitter account Friday to attack President Donald Trump's new chief of staff, Gen. You've heard the old saw - don't do more than one of changing house, job or partner at the same time.

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Donald Trump replaces Reince Priebus
The president followed with tweets thanking Reince Priebus , who has served in the position since Trump's inauguration. CNN reported that Priebus resigned on Thursday, which has been confirmed by other major news outlets.

"And leading up to Priebus" final days as chief of staff, Trump's complaints to other senior staff reached "fever pitch", the official said. The president has a right to change directions, the president has a right to hit the reset button.

Still, while Priebus is playing the role of theWH chief staff, he is viewed as weak and not effective.

"John Kelly is one of our great stars", Trump declared.

Kelly was the fifth person to lead the Department of Homeland Security, which includes agencies that protect the president, respond to disasters, enforce immigration laws, protect the nation's coastlines and secure air travel. Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer also departed earlier this week.

"General Kelly is a brilliant pick".

"Secretary Kelly is one of the strongest and most natural leaders I've ever known", Graham said. Priebus has said that he notified the president of his resignation on Thursday, the day after the dinner.

After Mr Trump had broken the news on social media - apparently as he was flying back from an appearance on New York's Long Island where he was accompanied by Mr Priebus - he spoke briefing with travelling reporters.

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