What Trump's team is saying on pardons

What Trump's team is saying on pardons

What Trump's team is saying on pardons

The opinions expressed in this commentary are his own. What are the legal limits of the presidential pardon?

"Pressuring (the attorney general) to prosecute the person who lost the election is an impeachable offense if we value free elections", Painter said on Twitter.

One was "Build the wall!" and the other was "Lock her up!"

The latest attendee to emerge is a man who works for a Russian oligarch.

The panel previously had scheduled a hearing Wednesday and invited Trump Jr., Manafort and other witnesses. Both meetings are termed "interviews" instead of the normal "testimony". Trump has also lashed out against Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who recused himself from the Russian Federation probe.

All of this leads Philip Bobbitt, a leading professor of law at Columbia University, to predict that Trump will resign "as a effect of his family member's being prosecuted", according to The Independent.

The Washington Post recently reported that Trump has inquired about the authority he has as president to pardon aides, relatives or even himself in connection with the widening investigation into Russian interference in the election and whether any Trump associates were involved.

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Trump tweeted: "A new INTELLIGENCE LEAK from the Amazon Washington Post, this time against A.G. Jeff Sessions.These illegal leaks, like Comey's, must stop!"

The answer could have huge political consequences.

It is as clear as the view from the Trump Tower where this road leads. If Trump had business relationships with Russians who could be acting on behalf of Vladimir Putin, that would seem relevant. That meeting was held in Trump Tower in NY after the lawyer offered damaging information about Clinton. Mr Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr.; his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and his vice president, Mike Pence, have all recently secured lawyers, though none have been formally charged with a crime.

In this scenario, while Trump was figuring out new phrases to insult his opponents with and whipping up the frenetic crowds at his rallies, numerous people around him were working with highly questionable figures in Putin's orbit. Watergate analogies have been too casually invoked over the last six months, but they're looking more relevant by the day. "In a political sphere, I would caution someone to think about pardoning themselves or family members".

The second is that this situation has nothing to do with the politics of Trump's policies.

The worst-case scenario for the administration, and for the nation, is if Trump knowingly worked with the Russians. If the 2018 congressional elections result in a Democratic majority in Congress, Trump will lose his ability to survive a Trump "Saturday Night Massacre", so he must act swiftly to put "Mooch"-like supporters in the top Justice Department spots".

Trump's renewed push for an investigation into Clinton is a reversal of the position he took in an interview with The New York Times two weeks after winning the presidential vote. "I understand how hard and frustrating this investigation is for the president", Collins told Face The Nation. So is this a good-cop-bad-cop legal strategy we're seeing? "And if an investigation were to arise and we thought that the conflict was relevant, we would raise it without question". He can't hide from impeachment forever - especially if he wants to continue to behave so terribly. Rather than attacking the press, Trump should be straightforward about any interactions with the Russians.

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