60 former, current employees plan to sue Google over workplace culture

60 former, current employees plan to sue Google over workplace culture

60 former, current employees plan to sue Google over workplace culture

Bray says it only gives credibility to Damore's claim that Google is creating an ideological echo chamber.

Soon, the memo leaked outside the company, as many Google employees railed against many of its assumptions.

According to Damore, the whole document was a big nothingburger at Google - until the media got wind.

The report quoted a female Google employee as saying that she regularly dealt with sexist remarks such as comments about her looks. It also states biology is why fewer women are found in leadership roles and that "we need to stop assuming gender pay gaps imply sexism".

The software engineer fired for writing an internal memo critical of diversity hiring policies at the company faces an uphill battle legally challenging his termination, but he could succeed in prolonging the controversy, potentially driving the tech firm to settle, legal experts said on Tuesday.

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Despite the company's reaction, he said many of his former colleagues supported his memo.

The renewed criticism from Capitol Hill comes as Google CEO Sundar Pichai prepares to address the company's 60,000 employees at an all-hands meeting later this afternoon. One question asks how Google will protect female employees who have been harassed online for criticizing the memo. Moderate liberals at the company don't believe the memo threatens the rights of women at the company, while moderate conservatives don't think his firing means they can't express themselves, this employee said. "This person is bad.' But they don't really want to have a debate on why I'm wrong, or even confront me, they just want to show how self-righteous they are", Damore said. Otherwise, Google's workforce is predominately male and white.

Google is now under investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor over claims it did not fairly pay some female employees. Her post received 300 votes, only 50 of which were "down votes", but she nevertheless claimed that one in six people disagreeing with her was enough to make her not feel welcome.

Damore also criticized what he called a politically correct bias in the Google culture.

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