De La Haye ineligibility another blow to hope for change in NCAA

De La Haye ineligibility another blow to hope for change in NCAA

De La Haye ineligibility another blow to hope for change in NCAA

As he explained, his athletic scholarship was in jeopardy because of his Deestroying YouTube channel, where his videos - many of which chronicled his life as a college athlete - violated NCAA regulations. He's now ineligible and no longer kicking footballs for UCF. De La Haye has produced and starred in dozens of his own videos, some of which have garnered hundreds of thousands of views. Meanwhile his YouTube channel has over 90,000 subscribers.

Of all the many sagas over the years in which the NCAA has restricted athletes from doing things they totally should be allowed to do, the one involving Donald Da La Haye might be the weirdest. But the NCAA may have a more hard time policing student athletes if and when athletes turn to another outlet, like the ephemeral Snapchat, to promote themselves, brands, and other things that can make them money.

De La Haye has been ruled ineligible for the upcoming college football season, according to the NCAA.

"This girl really had her mind set on coming home with me", De La Haye said in his "Crazy groupie broke her leg chasing my car" video.

De La Haye can go on making YouTube videos as a non-collegiate athlete, while the NCAA continues to glean compensation earned by the players.

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"The waiver, which was granted, stated De La Haye could maintain his eligibility and continue to monetize videos that did not reference his status as a student-athlete or depict his football skill or ability", UCF said in its statement.

UCF removed him from the team to ensure they didn't face any penalties for holding an ineligible player on the roster. De La Haye, who is from Port St. Lucie, could not be reached for comment. They wanted me to give my money up, that I made, which is insane.

The issue at hand for the NCAA revolves around the fact that De La Haye was using his status as the kicker on the Golden Knights football team as a way to boost his vlogging career-they wanted him to stick with making videos like "GIRLFRIEND CHEATS WITH HIS BESTFRIEND (PRANK) HE ALMOST STABBED US!". So the junior has started a GoFundMe page that is now trending on the crowd funding website.The junior isn't alone in his frustration with the NCAA. They proposed me some rules and some conditions that they wanted me to follow and I refused to and I didn't feel like they were fair. "So I am giving it my 110%".

"I may seem unbothered right now", he said.

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