Diana aura still captivates, 20 years on

Diana aura still captivates, 20 years on

Diana aura still captivates, 20 years on

Kensington Palace was Diana's home from 1981 until her death.

They were to meet representatives of the charities Diana supported, including Great Ormond Street Hospital, the National Aids Trust and The Leprosy Mission, at Kensington Palace, the princes' current home and their mother's residence until she was killed in a vehicle crash on Aug 31, 1997.

Now, the host of two documentaries, including Diana: In Her Own Words, is revealing how the princess really felt about her husband's betrayal.

Princes William and Harry also took a moment to examine the marks of sympathy and tributes that were heaped up to the level of the gates of Kensington palace: flowers, photos, messages...

"I said, 'Camilla, I'd just like you to know that I know exactly what's going on.' And she said, 'I don't know what you're talking about, '" she recalled.

Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are set to visit the memorial today, a day ahead of the anniversary, where they will pay their respects and speak with representatives from charities that their mother was involved in, including the Leprosy Mission, the National Aids Trust and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Princes William and Harry were to pay tribute to their mother yesterday. Upon her death in 1997, a sea of flowers, cards and gifts were left by mourners at the gates of Kensington Palace.

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Prince William, Princess Kate and Prince Harry made a poignant walk on Wednesday through the breathtaking all-white garden created in memory of Princess Diana.

Angela Silva, 66, has briefly left her London restaurant to leave a bunch of coloured roses, "not as big as the bouquet I left before, 20 years ago", she says.

A testament to her enduring impact, British newspapers have been filled this month with special pull-outs and magazine articles covering all facets of Diana's life.

Note that "Forget-me-not" is the translation of "Sentebale" (language sesotho), the name that prince Harry has given to the foundation that he created for underprivileged children of Lesotho, an initiative that reminds us of the love and dedication of her mother to Africa.

Harry added: "We will miss our mother and I wonder every single day what it would be like having her around".

"It's the heaviest cake I've ever carried", he said.

Above the flowers, a rain-spattered banner shows pictures of Diana with her sons and the words: "Grandma Diana".

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