Google cuts up to $200 off its Pixel phones

Google cuts up to $200 off its Pixel phones

Google cuts up to $200 off its Pixel phones

The Google Pixel 2 has recently leaked, courtesy of Venturebeat's Evan Blass, and it looks like more of the same for Google's flagship range.

HTC, one of the companies which manufactures the Pixel phones for Google, is going to make "only iterative design changes" as suggested by the California-headquartered company. Instead Google's Pixel 2 will feature big bezels, just like the existing models.

If these are spot on, then it is easy to understand why more consumers are leaning towards the Nokia 8 than the Google Pixel 2. The reports are claiming that the Pixel 2 won't have an audio jack and it will also be priced extravagantly.

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Ready for another round of rumors surrounding Google's upcoming Pixel successor? Google's upcoming phones are said to have a squeezable frame similar to HTC's Edge Sense technology. That includes a real-life image of the smaller phone that leaked just last week. The rear camera also features an LED flash light beside the camera setup of the phone.

Those huge bezels: In fairness to Google, you're likely to see equally large bezels on the iPhone 7S or iPhone 8 or whatever Apple decides to call its standard iPhone this year. It turned out this information was indeed right when the live photograph of the Pixel 2 made headlines late last week. Based on the sources collected from multiple stores, it has been confirmed that the phone is being sold for $200 less than its original price.

As you can see above, the back of the Pixel 2 looks nearly identical to the back of the Pixel XL 2 that leaked a few weeks ago.

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