Google employees plan class action lawsuit over gender pay

Google employees plan class action lawsuit over gender pay

Google employees plan class action lawsuit over gender pay

Damore was sacked from his software job Monday. Damore was a software engineer at the search giant's Mountain View headquarters until Monday afternoon, when he said he was sacked for "perpetuating gender stereotypes".

The news network claimed Damore "argues women aren't suited for tech jobs for "biological" reasons, '" and called the ten-page document which explained why there aren't more women in tech jobs as an "anti-diversity manifesto".

The fresh controversy comes with Silicon Valley struggling in the face of accusations of rampant sexual harassment and discrimination affecting startups like Uber and venture capital firms investing in the sector.

According to James, more conservative employees were thinking of leaving Google because its supposed left-wing bias was "getting so bad". So did The Guardian, Slate, Gizmodo, CNBC, AOL, USA Today, Reuters, CNN-you get the drift. "Who would want to work with him?" he said.

"I hope people don't look at (this) and go, 'Well, that's just the insane USA,'" says Stewart, who joined Diply after spending three years at Twitter, first in charge of Canadian operations and then as head of North American media partnerships. "That's sexist.' There's just so much hypocrisy in a lot of the things that they were saying", he said on the video. "I chose to create the document to clarify my thoughts", Damore told Molyneux.

The widely shared letter, titled "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber", ascribed the tech industry's gender inequality to biological differences and criticized Google for pushing diversity programs. On Tuesday morning, Wikileaks' Julian Assange wrote on Twitter that the organization was offering the ex-Googler a job.

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Assange, praised by some for exposing government secrets and castigated by others as a nation security threat, offered Damore a job.

"In my opinion", Miller writes in a response to Damore in Quillette Magazine, "given that sex differences are so well-established, and the sexes have such intricately complementary quirks, it may often be sensible, in purely practical business terms, to aim for more equal sex ratios in many corporate teams, projects, and divisions". He earned a bachelor's degree in molecular and cellular biology, with minors in physics and chemistry, according to his LinkedIn profile.

An online CV and Facebook profile suggest Damore hails from suburban Chicago.

"James Damore: Writes memo respectfully saying Google suppresses conservative views".

Damore's exit from Google could add to the fierce debate. The author had a right to express their views on those topics-we encourage an environment in which people can do this and it remains our policy to not take action against anyone for prompting these discussions. He reflected on how Silicon Valley culture discourages the airing of right-leaning sentiments.

But, despite what the spokesperson said, there is a one in 100 million chance that the discrimination is occurring randomly or by chance, Janice Madden, a University of Pennsylvania professor of sociology said. Those people "actually mask and say things they don't believe".

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