Intel boosts chip speed by 40 per cent

Intel boosts chip speed by 40 per cent

Intel boosts chip speed by 40 per cent

One tradeoff: The base clock speeds of the cores within the new chips are only between 1.6GHz and 1.9GHz, down from the 2.2GHz to 2.5GHz range of their predecessors. The company's new 8th Gen Core processors promise to provide a 40 percent improvement in performance compared to the outgoing 7th Generation Kaby Lake processors. In addition to a 40 percent performance boost over the previous generation, Intel is also promising to double performance over a 5-year-old machine.

The new processors will hit the market in September and the generation will eventually grow to 145 designs. But that's actually less performance than we'd expect to see, given that doubling core counts from a dual CPU to a quad CPU can drive more than 25% improvement on its own in desktops.

Although rumors and leaks about the 8th generation desktop CPUs have been circulating around for some weeks now, Intel kept quiet and did not release any official information on the upcoming chips.

The four series of 8th Gen Intel Core processors start with the Y-Series, for Always Connected PCs and Thin Fanless Detachables.

And now they're muddying the waters even further: This week's launch of so-called 8th generation Core processors does not include true Cannonlake designs.

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The first laptops to feature the new 8-generation CPUs are set to arrive in laptops next month. Their boost clock is from 3.4 GHz for Intel Core i5-8250U, up to 4.2 GHz, for Intel Core i7-8650U. Put simply, the answer depends on whether you want the most powerful laptop you can get; whether you want power but fancy a bargain price; or whether you're just after a simple day-to-day laptop.

Compared to a five-year-old computer, general multitasking is snappier with 2x performance, web browsing is 1.9x faster, and photo editing in Adobe Lightroom is 2.3x faster.

Adding cores helps a computer's ability to perform multiple tasks in parallel, Intel said.

The recent chip launched by Intel was "Kaby Lake" that was built with 14nm process.

Also worth noting is that for the first time, Intel has changed what the generational designation means for its processors and technology. The new i5 and i7 chips are created to accommodate those needs, while maintaining laptop battery life expectations, at around 10 hours of 4K video playback according to the aforementioned in-house video testing. The new name is largely cosmetic, though, given that the integrated GPU remains unchanged from the previous model - the improvements in performance are focused on the CPU instead.

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