Stephen Colbert Promises 'Front-Stabbing' During Anthony Scaramucci Interview

Stephen Colbert Promises 'Front-Stabbing' During Anthony Scaramucci Interview

Stephen Colbert Promises 'Front-Stabbing' During Anthony Scaramucci Interview

On Wednesday, he announced on Twitter that he would appear on CBS' "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" on Monday, August 14.

The former White House communications director lost his job with President Donald Trump's administration July 31, after only 11 days in the job. George Stephanopoulos will also be interviewing Scaramucci on Sunday for ABC's "This Week", so Colbert's sit-down will not be the first time the Mooch appears on camera that week. This is just a heads up for our censors to get ready! He also accused then-chief of staff Reince Priebus of leaking information to the press. Scaramucci was removed the same day Kelly was sworn in. The former Wall Street financier was sacked July 31 after only 11 days on the job. Yes, Anthony Scaramucci is heading into enemy territory was a visit on the Late Show.

For what it's worth, HuffPost already interviewed Scaramucci after his White House exit.

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During Scaramucci's short tenure as communications director, Colbert said he looked like "a lawyer whose ad is above the urinal" and the political equivalent of "adding Scrappy-Doo or Chachi to Happy Days". "That's not even a whole pay period!"

"Thankfully, faced with the greatest challenge of his presidency, Donald Trump stepped up, and in a moment of pure statesmanship, de-escalated the rhetoric and brought calm to our anxious nation", Colbert said.

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