Who said what on Supreme Court ruling on Triple Talaq

Who said what on Supreme Court ruling on Triple Talaq

Who said what on Supreme Court ruling on Triple Talaq

He said that the judgment grants equality to Muslim women and is a powerful measure for women's empowerment. Guha praised the verdict, saying, "The Supreme Court has done absolutely the right thing by declaring Triple Talaq illegal and unconstitutional". There was an apprehension in political circles that in order to keep the issue alive, the ruling BJP would attempt to bring about a legislation and also take an aggressive stand on the uniform civil code.

The Islamic practice of instant divorce was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

He described the judgment as the "beginning of a new epoch for women to live with self-respect".

India does not have a homogeneous set of laws on marriage and divorce that apply to everyone and while most Islamic countries, including Pakistan and Bangladesh, have banned triple talaq it has persisted in among Indian Muslims.

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Justice Joseph said triple talaq was not sanctioned by Quran and hence could not form part of the fundamental right to religion. The fact that worldwide law and theocratic countries have dropped talaq-e-biddat do not matter as biddat is a part of personal law in India and comes under the protection of Article 25, he said. Usually these declarations are made over a period of months, but in the 'triple talaq' the husband makes all three on a single occasion.

Welcoming the ruling, Sadiya said, "This has given a new hope for me and lakhs and lakhs of Muslim women". The board has however opposed the apex courts direction to the government for enacting legislation for regulating the practice of marriage and divorce for the Muslims. Biddat is considered "sinful" but permissible in Islamic law. As a result, Bano reached the Supreme Court which ruled in her favour and she won the right to alimony from her husband in August 1979, a right granted to divorcees of all other faiths. Since that did not happen, the court had to intervene to provide justice to the women who could be dispossessed, disinherited and deprived even of their shelter and subsistence by their husbands just saying "talaq, talaq, talaq" even over the phone from thousands of miles away.

According to her, the first part of the judgement is in favour and supportive of Muslim Personal Law while in the second part, two judges stated that this practice can not be protected under Article 25. Let's not have this triple Talaq for six months and let the central government come up with the law.

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