Celebs' phone numbers and e-mail addresses exposed in active Instagram hack

Celebs' phone numbers and e-mail addresses exposed in active Instagram hack

Celebs' phone numbers and e-mail addresses exposed in active Instagram hack

"We recently discovered that one or more individuals obtained unlawful access to a number of high-profile Instagram users' contact information - specifically email address and phone number - by exploiting a bug in an Instagram API", an Instagram spokesman said. The perpetrators exploited a bug in an Instagram API to gain access to user's email addresses and phone numbers.

But while high-profile hacks are a dime a dozen these days, what's staggering here is how easily the information was obtained: in essence, sending a password reset request from an old version of the Instagram app resulted in a response containing an account's private data (sans password, thankfully).

This isn't the first time celebrities on Instagram have been hacked.

Instagram has not provided further details regarding it.

Selena Gomez - the app's most popular user with more than 125 million followers - was the target of a headline-grabbing hack earlier this week involving her former boyfriend, fellow pop star Justin Bieber.

"Our main concern is for the safety and security of our community". It warned verified users to be on the lookout for unexpected texts, calls, or emails.

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Instagram has reported all of the certified accounts of the attack that would have been included. "To be on the safe side, rich and famous Instagram users should probably change their login credentials anyway, remembering to make their passwords complex and unique to each online account they have".

Some even complained that their accounts were deleted by a yet-to-be-identified bug. In any event, it's a good idea for Instagram users to use two-factor authentication to better protect their accounts. The company wouldn't comment on which accounts had been compromised.

Doxagram claims to have posted contact info for up to six million Instagram users in the searchable database. This could be the beginning of greater things to come, especially when you consider how other Facebook-owned companies are doing.

"Because most accounts rely on phone numbers as a backup to get into an account or to grant access with a second factor, it would not be hard for a criminal to break into an email account or to access phone backups, which are full of important information", Irwin said.

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