Cross-platform play between Xbox and PlayStation finally launches

Cross-platform play between Xbox and PlayStation finally launches

Cross-platform play between Xbox and PlayStation finally launches

Although no prior announcement or information was revealed by the publisher, multiple instances of players reporting cross-play between the XB1 and PS4 have been unveiled.

With cross-platform play between the two consoles being so easy to implement that a developer manages to enable it it accidentally, hopefully, Microsoft and Sony will manage to negotiate a way for the feature to come to fruition in an official manner.

Many wondered whether it was some sort of mistake, or the first sign of a change of stance on PlayStation's side. "We had a configuration issue and it has now been corrected", a representative told the website via email. Apparently you can have cross-network on PS4 and Xbox One if you just give Sony the finger.

For a few hours over the weekend, a Fortnite gamer on PS4 gamers spotted an Xbox One username during a encounter within the Battle Royale mode. What's more is that the Reddit user switched to his Xbox One to look up zCypher Nine on Xbox's network, only to find that he/she did indeed exist there. Sony later ruled out cross-platform play with Minecraft on the Xbox One as well. The biggest piece of evidence came when a player on PS4 killed someone and noticed there were spaces in the player name. As confirmed by Eurogamer, Epic Games has stated that the cross-network play in Fortnite was simply an error.

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That's unwelcome news for PS4 players who want to game with their friends on Xbox.

Would enabling cross-play online be a smart move from Microsoft or Sony?

This June, Psyonix, the makers of Rocket League, said that cross platform play between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 was feasible but "PlayStation has not yet granted us permission".

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