'Destiny 2' Bugs Acknowledged At Launch By Bungie

'Destiny 2' Bugs Acknowledged At Launch By Bungie

'Destiny 2' Bugs Acknowledged At Launch By Bungie

In order to access it, active players need to Log Out of Destiny 2, and there is a possibility that they may encounter a server queue, as detailed by Bungie. Having played the original Destiny since the beginning, I had a ridiculous amount of shaders, some which players couldn't even acquire anymore, and that was really special. The basics are very much what you expect from Destiny - shooting, running, looting - so if you hated the original, this won't change your mind.

You can not change into that shader again at will, unless you get your hands on another identical one.

Destiny 2 has faced some controversy recently by the fans for the limited use allowed by Shaders.

You are now probably wondering how Activision/Bungie should handle shaders in Destiny 2. More granular customization is always better, right? A post on Bungie's website confirms numerous details about this first Nightfall Strike, including the name, "The Arms Dealer", and goes on to explain that your task during this activity is to "shut down the operations of an ironmonger providing weapons to the Red Legion". If you have a shader applied to your armour but find another one you like the look of better, once the new shader is applied your old shader will be lost until you find it in another loot drop later down the line. The same situation holds true from the armor side.

Destiny 2 launched two days ago on consoles and Bungie obviously addressed the news in their usual weekly report. As of this writing, the thread has more than 41,000 upvotes. Again, that's only if gamers did not purchase an enhanced copy of the game that includes both major pieces of Destiny 2 DLC with it, like the $89.99 Destiny 2 Game + Expansion Pass Bundle. Naturally, Bungie makes the system as opaque as possible too, employing several in-game currencies and granting shaders in odd numbers to confuse buyers and annoy perfectionists.

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Bungie confirmed on Twitter that Destiny 2 Clans Progression is active, while also stating that Clan Rosters will be made available "at a later date".

After seeing Smith's tweets, the author of the aforementioned Reddit post updated it to say they were sad that things apparently aren't going to change. "Stay tuned for announcements of availability", wrote Bungie.

Still, it remains to be seen what exactly this all means for the future of monetization in Destiny 2.

Either way, fans are certainly making their voices heard.

All of that said, an issue like this affects only the game's most serious players - the kind of person who's spending hundreds of thousands of hours playing "Destiny". "We're just getting started on this new journey". Just let us keep the shaders we collect.

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