Destiny 2 Raid COUNTDOWN

Destiny 2 Raid COUNTDOWN

Destiny 2 Raid COUNTDOWN

With the Destiny 2 servers down today for maintenance, it appears Bungie's community has turned toward introspection and anxiety during the interim. This is part of the routine maintenance for the game.

When it comes to Destiny, there's no better or more challenging end-game PvE activity than its Raids.

Destiny 2's first Raid, will go live on TOMORROW, Wednesday September 13 at 10 AM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time), which is 6 PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) for players in the UK. Destiny 2's servers will then return to normal within the hour, meaning you should be able to log back in and carry on becoming Legend.

Check out the gallery below for Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid tips and tricks. However, Bungie themselves have laid out a plan for players to hit 260 power level.

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Destiny 2 Raids are gated by Level requirements, meaning the past week has been a lot about driving that upwards - unless you're 260 or higher, you won't be allowed into Leviathan.

Companion apps such as third-party apps will see their services disrupted while the company is doing server maintenance.

Increase your power level: You won't get far in the Leviathan Raid unless your Power Level is at the required amount.

In order to access the Raid, simply select the Leviathan icon in the top right corner of the Director, which you can see in the image below. Let us know, join us on Discord, on our Facebook page, or Twitter.

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