Dolby Atmos Coming to Apple TV in Future Update

Dolby Atmos Coming to Apple TV in Future Update

Dolby Atmos Coming to Apple TV in Future Update

It might seem odd to review the new Apple TV streaming device - one specifically created to display super-sharp video known as 4K - without actually owning a 4K TV.

There are plenty of folks who shell out $79 a year for Amazon Prime to get free delivery on their Amazon purchases, yet don't even realize it includes a subscription to the company's ever-improving streaming video service. The Apple TV 4K is capable of streaming 4K HDR videos, which is a welcome addition. Then the Apple TV 4K may be the streaming device for you. At one point, if you rented a movie on Apple TV, you couldn't also watch that movie on your iOS device like an iPhone or iPad.

Apple also stated in the support document that a minimum internet speed of 25mbps will be required to stream 4K videos in full quality. Apple TV 4K features the powerful A10X Fusion chip which is a faster processor for a smoother gaming experience. Apple has quietly switched up its policy on how long rented content can be watched after you've started playback, much to the benefit of iTunes users.

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Apple succeeds in its main objective with this upgrade: 4K content looks great, on a 4K television set.

Many Hollywood blockbusters now have 4K versions of home video releases. HD movies from iTunes are upgraded to 4K HDR at no additional cost. The picture is detailed, with notable added depth and clarity thanks to the HDR (high-dynamic range) technology Apple has also put into 4K.

With the embargo on Apple TV reviews lifted, a number of publications earlier today published their first impressions of the device. Your other Apple devices will play the higher-quality version if they're compatible. This doesn't affect the 30-day time frame you have to watch a movie once rented, but instead, increases the time you have to watch a movie to 48 hours once you've already started watching.

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