NFL Ratings Aren't Reacting to Taking a Knee As Trump Wants

NFL Ratings Aren't Reacting to Taking a Knee As Trump Wants

NFL Ratings Aren't Reacting to Taking a Knee As Trump Wants

Last year, Reuters reports the week 3 matchup between the Chicago Bears and the Dallas Cowboys produced a 12.9 rating nationally.

The drop in ratings comes after amid a growing dispute between the NFL and President Donald Trump regarding players refusing to stand for the playing of the national anthem.

CBS's national game at 4:25 p.m. ET, an overtime thriller featuring the Green Bay Packers comeback over the Cincinnati Bengals, was down just 1 percent when compared with 2016's Week 3. NFL pregame ratings on CBS and Fox were "significantly higher" on Sunday in comparison with previous weekends, the Los Angeles Times reported on Monday, when purely football-related topics were discussed.

Week 3's Sunday slate was also entertaining with eight of the 10 afternoon games sailing over the total set by the sportsbooks. "People are watching less and the thing people don't realize is that NFL's decline got a lot of attention last season but the decline was happening before that".

Trump and others have professed that the NFL's ratings are down due to players kneeling, sitting or raising their fist during the national anthem.

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As for the Monday Night Football game, a 28-17 win by the Cowboys, Dallas rang in a 9.2 rating on ESPN and a 19.8 rating on WFAA-ABC, while Phoenix delivered a 13.6 rating on ESPN and 8.6 rating on KUTP-IND.

For whatever reasons people choose to attribute to the NFL's ratings stumble, now more than a year old and something that will surely continue this season, it is not a problem that can really be diagnosed over a single weekend - let alone one game.

Trump even went so far as to try to persuade National Football League fans to 'refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our Flag & Country'. "He's fired, '" Trump told a crowd in Alabama on Friday night.

Only six players protested during the anthem in Week 2, but after Trump's criticism over the weekend, around 200 players took part on Sunday.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who donated money to Trump's campaign, said he was "deeply disappointed" in the president on Sunday. Almost every Oakland Raider sat on the bench as the national anthem played.

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