CAL THOMAS COLUMN: NFL players are killing the golden goose

CAL THOMAS COLUMN: NFL players are killing the golden goose

CAL THOMAS COLUMN: NFL players are killing the golden goose

"And they've got to be tough and they've got to be smart".

"I'm an American and I'm very patriotic, but I do believe it's a personal choice", said Deborah Smith, a fan.

The Cowboys have yet to decide if they will continue their dual display of unity against racism and respect for the flag when the host the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

Appearing on "Fox and Friends", Trump believes that "most people agree with him".

Of the 84% supporting the players' right to protest, 49% felt they should find a different way to express their political opinions, and 35% felt that not standing for the anthem is an acceptable way to protest.

"They say, 'We are in a situation where we have to do something, ' " Trump said in an interview broadcast Thursday on Fox & Friends.

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Lockhart said about two-thirds of NFL owners were in the league office in Manhattan this week for committee meetings, with the others participating by phone. "That's a total disrespect of everything that we stand for", Trump said.

"The NFL can not disrespect our country".

Previous year during the first preseason game of 2016, former San Francisco 49er's quarterback, Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem in protest of police brutality and racial injustice. "It's not a distraction at all", Trump insisted of his muscular tweeting and speechifying against NFL players who take a knee during the national anthem. Several teams stayed in their locker rooms while the national anthem played. In fact, beyond the free speech aspect of the protest, there is an insidious campaign to delegitimize opposition to the protests, portraying the opposition as people who "back Trump" or are garden-variety racists. "The only way out for them is to set a rule that you can't kneel during our National Anthem!"

The NFL relaxed its rules this season to allow greater freedom for players to celebrate touchdowns, as long as the actions aren't viewed as taunting an opponent.? Trump's comments came up during meetings, and the owners addressed them directly.

The protests have since spread across the league after President Donald Trump made a comment saying that anyone protesting should be fired by the team's owner. Are NFL players taking a knee retaliating to Trump's statements, or are they truly protesting for equality?

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