Pontiac Mom going to prison for not vaccinating son

Pontiac Mom going to prison for not vaccinating son

Pontiac Mom going to prison for not vaccinating son

Bredow was given one week to get her son vaccinated, but refused citing her beliefs.

A MI mother was sentenced to seven days in jail for refusing to vaccinate her son will appear in court on Wednesday morning.

"This order has taken on a life of its own, your honor, and it is my fault I have not stood up sooner and explained to the court that I'm an educated, vaccine-choice mother", she said.

The father - her ex-husband - has now been awarded temporary primary custody so that he can get the child the vaccinations.

If a parent does not comply with a school's vaccination guidelines, the child is not permitted to attend school and the parent can be jailed for the pupil's truancy. A judge ordered her to jail for a week.

Bredow and the child's father had made the decision to get their child vaccinated when he was born, but space them out, delaying some.

She said that her ex's convictions changed as of late, and that it was each of the a ploy to settle the score with her.

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"I'm gonna stop you because the truth matters", the judge said.

The judge says the boy has two parents and "dad gets a say".

Bredow had a week to have the child brought up to date on his vaccines, according to the judge's court order.

"It's unmistakable to me that you couldn't care less about requests, regardless of the possibility that you consent to them, which you did. You agreed on November 30th, you agreed to sign that order", the judge added.

Bredow will serve seven days in jail for contempt.

Bredow argued her ex-husband, James Horne, had known about her objection to vaccinations for a long time and was making an issue of it now because she'd been trying to collect back child support, the Detroit Free Press reported.

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