Rose McGowan Offered $1 Million To Keep Quiet Regarding Harvey Weinstein Allegations

Rose McGowan Offered $1 Million To Keep Quiet Regarding Harvey Weinstein Allegations

Rose McGowan Offered $1 Million To Keep Quiet Regarding Harvey Weinstein Allegations

She received the offer before the first story ran regarding Weinstein's past involving sexual harassment.

Rose McGowan has claimed someone close to Harvey Weinstein offered her $1 million in late September to sign a nondisclosure agreement after she learned their previous settlement from 1997 did not include any requirements of confidentiality. McGowan has never been shy about attacking the way Hollywood treats women, but her own personal history with Weinstein, who she claims raped her in 1997, has become a point of focus in the last few weeks, something Weinstein was desperately trying to prevent. However, that settlement did not include a confidentiality clause, which McGowan says she wasn't aware of until past year. In today's Times article, she says she declined the latest financial offer after some initial consideration. McGowan stated: "I had all these people I'm paying telling me to take it so that I could fund my art". "I was like-ew, gross, you're disgusting, I don't want your money, that would make me feel disgusting", she said.

Weinstein's lawyer previously denied the more severe allegations from multiple women in a statement reading: "Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein". In other words, the star's lawyer is alleging that Weinstein wanted to pay her to keep quiet about his inappropriate actions, which McGowan has called rape on Twitter, before the Times opened the floodgates with its expose.

Representatives for McGowan and Weinstein did not immediately return requests for comment.

She said: "The triggering has been insane".

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"And then what happened, happened", she said of the alleged sexual assault.

McGowan recounts the alleged 1997 encounter to the Times, describing a business meeting with Weinstein at the Sundance Film Festival that year. I am just like you.

In the following months, however, McGowan says she was given the impression that filing a criminal charge was hopeless, recalling being told, "You're an actress, you've done a sex scene, you're done".

"After that assault, a light dimmed", actress Maddie Corman, who knew McGowan at the time, told the paper.

Admitting that she still feels rage, she told the Times reporter, citing the astounding number of women who are coming forward with their stories, "I'll tell you what I don't feel anymore".

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