Texas Tech student charged with capital murder in cop's shooting death

Texas Tech student charged with capital murder in cop's shooting death

Texas Tech student charged with capital murder in cop's shooting death

According to Daniels' warrant, Officer East took Daniels into custody for possession of a controlled substance. They found evidence of drugs and drug paraphernalia and took him to the police station on a drug charge.

The other cop returned to find East with a gunshot wound and noticed that his body camera was gone but his service weapon was still in his holster, authorities said.

We also have questions about the university's alert system.

In a press conference, Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanec was tight-lipped on the investigation but sent his deepest condolences to the East family. The law applies to those 21 or older, and he did not have a concealed-carry permit. East is survived by a wife and two daughters, Bonath said.

A Texas Tech spokesman confirmed Wednesday that Hollis Daniels did not use a police department gun in the shooting of Officer Floyd East Jr. on Monday.

We are told Daniels lived in Talkington Hall, which is one of the campus carry dorms.

"Before Aug. 1, 2016, this would be a felony", he said. He began working for the university's El Paso campus in 2014. "As the Texas Tech campus deals with this heartbreaking tragedy, Cecilia and I pray for the continued safety of the students and the entire community", he said.

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"I don't know how to relate to a 19-year-old that has obviously got some drug issues, so I can't relate to that", Longtime Family Friend Hilmar Starke said. A police body camera was also located near where Hollis Daniels was arrested. More than a dozen had at least one gun-related report, including aggravated robbery and an accidental discharge in a dorm.

Bonath was not clear about when the counseling center called police. "Are you ready?'" Smith said, adding that several people acknowledged they had concealed weapons.

Mia Carter, an associate professor of English at the University of Texas, Austin, and one of the plaintiffs in a now-dismissed lawsuit aimed to stop the campus carry law from going into effect, said that campus carry and the USA gun laws as a whole are intertwined.

"We all want to be free, and we all want to be safe, and fewer guns, not more, is how that will happen", she said.

Sue Riesling, executive director of the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators, said that the association did not see a link between campus carry and Monday's shooting.

Daniels then led officers on a pursuit across campus, according to Bonath. While cases of campus officers being killed on the job - much less students killing campus officers - are relatively rare, "it's a reminder that it's a constant possibility", Gwen Fitzgerald, an association spokeswoman, said in an email.

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