Weinstein 'offered Rose McGowan $1m' silence money

Weinstein 'offered Rose McGowan $1m' silence money

Weinstein 'offered Rose McGowan $1m' silence money

The offer from "someone close to Mr. Weinstein", according to the Times, came just as several women were about to come forward with their claims of sexual misconduct against the Hollywood producer in an exposé also published by the newspaper.

After receiving the recent $1 million offer, McGowan countered for a higher offer of $6 million before ultimately shooting down Weinstein's camp.

McGowan says she turned down the money the day before the New York Times ran an expose on the movie mogul. "I was like - ew, gross, you're disgusting, I don't want your money, that would make me feel disgusting", she said.

Giving opening remarks at The Women's Convention in Detroit, she thanked the crowds for giving their support in this "very hard time" where she has had to endure seeing "the monster's face everywhere". I have been harassed.

"The triggering has been insane - the monster's face [is] everywhere, my nightmare", she said. "Because what happened to me, happens to all of us in society, and it can not stand", she said. "I have been slut-shamed". What happened to me behind the scenes happens to all of us in society and it can not stand and it will not stand ... "I recall clearly what I said next, 'My God, why didn't you say anything?"

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"It's time to rise".

The conference, an extension of the massive Women's March protests that unfolded earlier this year in January, comes amidst a firestorm of attention and scrutiny directed towards powerful men accused of sexual assault, and the institutions and cultures that protect them. "She confided that a female attorney had told her that because she had done nudity in movies that no jury would believe her and that it would turn into a he said/she said case". In the face of unspeakable actions from one monster, we look away to another, the head monster of all right now. "And they must die".

"It would have been much easier on both of us if we could have just revealed why we were doing it", Rodriguez said, though neither did due to the NDA.

She said the entertainment industry was not isolated; instead, "it is the mirror you are given to look into".

The now-disgraced producer, Weinstein has officially apologized for his improper behavior towards those women but denied some allegations including rape. Name it. Shame it. Call it out.

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