Apple's iPhone X will Return an Estimated 64% Gross Margin

Apple's iPhone X will Return an Estimated 64% Gross Margin

Apple's iPhone X will Return an Estimated 64% Gross Margin

Shot Test: Meant to simulate a phone falling off the roof of a auto, the shot test showed that the iPhone X is prone to damage from a variety of drops.

So, you might want to get a case for your iPhone X after all.

Apple's newest phone, the thousand-dollar iPhone X, finally hit store shelves Friday.

The new iPhone X has been branded as the "most breakable, highest-priced, most expensive to fix iPhone ever" by a smartphone insurance company after performing a series of drop tests on Apple's $999 handset. According to SquareTrade, which sells smartphone protection plans, iPhone X is Apple's most breakable iPhone to date. His latest victim: the iPhone X. The results were surprised that the unlocking of the phone was not regular after the test.

Meanwhile, SquareTrade, a company that provides extended warranties for electronic devices, has crowned the new Apple handset the "most breakable yet", after putting it through a series of tests created to measure its durability.

A drop on the phone's corner gave it only minor scratches, while a drop on the phone's front display produced a visible, but small glass fracture on the device's top-left side.

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Side and Back Drop Tests: Remarkably, the side drop did the most internal damage to the phone.

Dunk Test: The iPhone X faired similar to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models, surviving 30 minutes under five feet of water with some audio muffling during playback.

The iPhone X has a giant screen, Face ID and no home button.

TechRax subjected his iPhone X to a solid stabbing with a kitchen knife, which the iPhone X withstood fairly easily. An industry analyst found that the iPhone X's flashier parts cost Apple 25 percent more than the iPhone 8, but that it retails for 43 percent more.

It's obviously always wise to do everything in your power to protect an expensive, high-end mobile device from all types of damage, but unfortunately the iPhone X is special in a number of anxiety-enhancing ways. All of which may be why Apple is charging a whopping $279 for front screen replacement and $549 for other repairs. Do you buy accidental damage insurance on your smartphones?

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