Conor McGregor jumps cage at Bellator 187, confronts referee Marc Goddard

Conor McGregor jumps cage at Bellator 187, confronts referee Marc Goddard

Conor McGregor jumps cage at Bellator 187, confronts referee Marc Goddard

Conor McGregor was a spectator for Bellator 187 in Dublin Friday night, but the UFC champion managed to become a huge part of the show after watching his partner knock out an opponent.

The stoppage had barely been signalled when McGregor leaped over the cage, sprinted over to his good friend and jumped on him in a manner that appeared to take even Ward by surprise initially.

The incident was made significantly worse however, when referee Marc Goddard tried to rightly stop McGregor from celebrating with his teammate.

McGregor was PISSED - pushing Goddard from behind and getting in his face. before security and BFF Artem Lobov escorted him from the cage.

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"We're are aware of the in-cage altercation involving Conor McGregor and a Bellator staff member", the statement read.

Still. gotta think there's gonna be hell to pay for his actions. McGregor shouted back at Goddard and shoved the referee before he was escorted away and left the cage. "Act professional", Goddard could be heard telling McGregor.

As Peter Carroll of notes, McGregor has a history with Goddard.

Not only was McGregor out of line in breaking cageside protocol for the second straight time, he certainly crossed the line by getting physical. The UFC is now in negotiations regarding McGregor's potential return to the UFC in December, according to recent comments by president Dana White.

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