Family celebrates National Adoption Day by adopting son

Family celebrates National Adoption Day by adopting son

Family celebrates National Adoption Day by adopting son

Forty-three children across Central Florida now have forever families Friday which marks National Adoption Day. According to the National Adoption Coalition, about 5,000 children were expected to be adopted nationwide, 150 children in Nebraska.

Several local stores and restaurants sponsor the event.

"The very first child we brought into our home was Meyer and the rest is history", said John Tatlock.

It was also a happy day for the Olt family from New Rochelle.

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Children like 7-year-old Ariyah.

"A lot of these children come from the work that I do, with removals and foster parents so for the opportunity to now have permanency in their lives with families and it's just a wonderful thing", said Judge Thomas Duplantier, who legalized the 15 child adoptions.

Phillips said Adoption Day is meant to promote adoption as an option for families who want to help kids find permanency. "They keep us running from morning until night, it's a fun run from breakfast to dinner", said Anderson. "Some of them might not be biologically related, but they're linked in their hearts and minds". Another one of their siblings was adopted by a second family, and a fourth sibling is going through the adoption process with yet another family. My grandmother loved me, and thank you for loving that little girl over there and loving all your children."The list of accomplished people who were adopted is long". She's the third child the Broch's have adopted through foster care. They could not return to their birth parents, and she said both boys wanted to stay in their new home.

"I just love her for what she has done for me", Israel said.

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