Google Search and Maps Now Show You Estimated Wait Times at Restaurants

Google Search and Maps Now Show You Estimated Wait Times at Restaurants

Google Search and Maps Now Show You Estimated Wait Times at Restaurants

Although not specified, this likely involves some activity and location tracking data being collected by Google from user's smartphones. Here's how you can keep using Google's apps without constantly getting spied on.

Google announced today that it will begin rolling out restaurant wait time support within Google Search soon.

Estimating the wait time for a table at a restaurant seems anything but a science.

The fact that a restaurant is busy at 3PM on a Thursday afternoon doesn't necessarily mean you'll have to wait ages for service - there may be more staff working, for instance. It will then come to Google Maps to Android, at which point it will expand to include grocery stores, the company says.

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As you search for your favorite restaurants in Google, you'll now see estimated wait times along with the busy indicator.

To see an average wait time, tap on a restaurant's business page. This information is available if a person decides to scroll left or right through different days if you want to do some longer range planning to "beat the crowds".

In this modern age, it seems like nearly all technological advances have a privacy trade-off.

Details are available in the Search app now, pulling up times for almost a million sit-down restaurants. Yes, it's an opt-in feature, and yes, you've probably opted-in, because it makes Maps and Search a lot more useful. But it will be interesting to see if it has ripple effects. Just a small algorithmic tweak could change the dynamic of a whole neighbourhood.

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