How to Fool Apple's Face Recognition Technology

How to Fool Apple's Face Recognition Technology

How to Fool Apple's Face Recognition Technology

A week later, hackers on the actual other side of the world claim to have successfully duplicated someone's face to unlock his iPhone X-with what looks like a simpler technique than some security researchers believed possible, according to Wired. The trouble with facial recognition is that too many humans have defining characteristics that can not be dissected by a machine-we look too similar. The cybersecurity firm did stress that "billionaires, leaders of major corporations, nation leaders and agents like FBI" need to be aware of the problem.

Apple said that its Face ID will continually learn by constantly taking selfies of its owner to create a very detailed profile.

The Bkav researchers say they were able to crack Face ID with a cheap mix of materials, 3D printing rather than face-casting, and perhaps most surprisingly, fixed, two-dimensional printed eyes. It's not impossible, but that's an impressive amount of hurdles to jump in a short amount of time without using a password, as BKAV claimed.

Anyone with an iPhone knows they have the choice to either set a numerical pass code or use their fingerprint embedded in the phone's home button to unlock their phone, so strangers aren't able to access their information.

Apple said when it revealed the iPhone X and Face ID that it had worked with the producers of Hollywood masks to make the system secure. Since the iPhone X dropped, people have been experimenting with Face ID, some looking for its limits, others entirely out to trick it.

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Face ID is still proving to be more secure than some of the facial recognition options in Android, which have been fooled with just photos in the past. While apple says FaceID is foolproof, we think cracking into an iPhone X may not be as easy or cheap as it sounds. That's because Face ID has the same timeouts as Apple's Touch ID feature. Instead, they focused only on specific spots of the mask to trick the depth-mapping technology. Not only was the mask designed with intricate 2D and 3D parts an artist was hired to construct the nose of the mask. "If convenience is more important, Face ID may be your choice".

Bkav did not give details of how long it took for its iPhone X to unlock with the mask.

Since the iPhone X went on sale on November 3 there have been numerous attempts to hack its Face ID system.

Describing the demonstration as a "proof of concept", the mask used to bypass potentially millions of dollars in research and development by some of the most brilliant minds in Cupertino cost just $150 to make, and was constructed in just than ten days after Bkav obtained an iPhone X.

Still, the average iPhone X users shouldn't worry about this trick being used against them. "This seems like an unlikely sequence of events", Norris said.

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