Some fidget spinners may contain unsafe amounts of lead

Some fidget spinners may contain unsafe amounts of lead

Some fidget spinners may contain unsafe amounts of lead

A new report found Fidget Wild Premium spinners in both brass and metal contained dangerously high lead levels.

Consumer Advocacy group, The U.S. Public Interest Research Groups, claims Target is selling two types of spinners that have 330 times the acceptable amount of lead for young children.

The two fidgets spinners in question are the Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Brass which tested for 33,000 parts per million (ppm) of lead and the Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Metal which tested at 1,200 ppm of lead.

Target has removed two models of fidget spinners from its website and began pulling the items from store shelves on Friday after tests showed they contained high levels of lead. Federal law says children's products should not exceed 100 parts per million of lead content.

The watchdog group is calling on USA government safety organizations to change the classification of fidget spinners so they will have to meet federal regulations for children's products. She said many of them had concerning levels of lead.

CPSC could hold the products to federal standards for lead if classified as a toy. "The CPSC, Target, and Bulls i Toy need to acknowledge the obvious - that all fidget spinners are toys". The toys that tested for high lead levels were re-tested to confirm the results.

"Saying fidget spinners aren't toys defies common sense, as millions of parents whose kids play with spinners can tell you", said Kara Cook-Schultz, U.S. PIRG Education Fund toxics director.

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The company noted that CPSC is responsible for how the toys are categorized.

Fidget spinners are palm-sized toys for adults and kids alike featuring a whirling center.

A Target spokesperson responded to the story by writing in an email to PIRG that the fidget spinners in question are marketed to anyone age 14 or older.

U.S. PIRG also called on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to reclassify fidget spinners as toys, rather than its current category of general use products.

Notably, US PIRG continues to test spinners sold at other stores around the country. The organization argues that the two fidget spinners are marketed towards children.

Interim CPSC Chairwoman Anne Marie Buerkle also warned that light-up spinners contain lithium coin batteries that can cause severe internal burns, if swallowed, and have been the source of fire warnings.

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