Trouble brewing about Irish Border

Trouble brewing about Irish Border

Trouble brewing about Irish Border

European Union bosses have given Mrs May until Monday to make a fresh offer on key divorce issues if she wants to reach the next phase of Brexit talks - on trade and a transition period - by Christmas.

"The EU is investing in smart borders technology in the Mediterranean, in the Balkans and in other areas where there are problems with migrants, asylum seekers and refugees". The Democratic Unionist party, which holds the balance of power in the House of Commons, said it would not tolerate anything that decoupled Northern Ireland from the UK.

However it is on Ireland that the rest of the European Union will be sceptical of whether she has moved enough, because they will question how she can guarantee an open border with the Republic - unless she also explicitly promises a degree of regulatory convergence between the United Kingdom and European Union that would obviate the need for burdensome customs checks.

Some British politicians have become very critical of Ireland's stance on this issue and one even suggested that there should be a hard border and that Ireland should pay for it.

An Irish government minister said on Thursday said he was concerned that the British government had yet to present detailed proposals on allowing frictionless movement of goods and people across the Northern Ireland border after Brexit.

The paper said agreement on Ireland would pave the way for a quick "standstill" transition deal to be agreed in January so long term trade talks can finally start.

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Speaking at another committee hearing in Westminster on Wednesday, Northern Ireland minister Chloe Smith said the proposal was "not government policy" while Brexit minister Robin Walker said that the Government had been "very clear" that the result of the Brexit referendum applied across the whole UK.

They were then asked to draw, on a blank map of Ireland, a line that they thought represented the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We don't know this kind of thing.

"If the Republic of Ireland is going to keep shouting at our border and telling us that it is all doom and gloom and we are not going to get a proper relationship, that interferes in the negotiation process".

"We are not about convergence here, we are about co-operation".

Mr Paisley is one of 10 DUP pro-Brexit MPs who are propping up the Government on key votes.

Legal advice commissioned by Sinn Féin and other leftwing parties in the European parliament has laid out three ways in which the North could effectively remain in the EU after Brexit. If that representation of the border were correct, it would mean Longford would be in Northern Ireland.

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