Trump comments on Roy Moore: If allegations true, Moore should step aside

Trump comments on Roy Moore: If allegations true, Moore should step aside

Trump comments on Roy Moore: If allegations true, Moore should step aside

Leeann Tweeden, a Los Angeles television host and sportscaster, revealed Thursday that Franken had taken the photo of her while they were on a 2006 USO tour to entertain USA troops.

Some are now arguing that the left and Democrats are more apt to believe and resolve women who say they have been sexually abused than the right or Republicans. The first accusations of misconduct against him - namely, allegedly making sexual advances on a 14-year-old when he was 32 - were reported by the Washington Post on November 9. Moore has vehemently denied the allegations.

"We haven't heard a lot from the president", Smith pointed out. Al Franken (D-Minn.), a frequent foe.

The clock, located about halfway down the front page of CNN's Politics section is titled: "Has Trump weighed in on Moore yet?"

"Where do his hands go in pictures 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 while she sleeps?"

"I think that what we've said is that Roy Moore's, so far, explanations have not been satisfactory", Short said, before returning to his previous point: "But at the same time, Dana, what we expect is what we have said: We campaigned against him".

Mr Trump took to Twitter to hit out at Senator Al Franken who, it emerged earlier in the day, was photographed in 2006 groping a sports broadcaster's breasts while she was asleep.

"The president believes we can not allow a mere allegation, in this case one from many years ago, to destroy a person's life".

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Woman accuses Sen. Al Franken of unwanted kissing, groping
The Minnesota senator spoke of this USO event on the House floor in 2010, in which he described Tweeden as "beautiful". On the trip home, Tweeden fell asleep on the cargo plane, still wearing her flak vest and Kevlar helmet.

"It's been simmering on the stove with the lid on, like a pressure cooker", she said.

When asked about Moore, who has been accused by five women of sexual misconduct, Hillary said he does not appear to be someone who will bring respect and honour to the state of Alabama.

For days he refused to call on Republican Senate hopeful Roy Moore to bow out of the race after being accused of sexual advances toward several teenagers. The former "Saturday Night Live" writer and cast member has been an outspoken critic of Trump's administration.

And then of course there is former Democratic president Bill Clinton, who admitted to having sexual relations with an intern, Monica Lewinsky, while serving in the White House.

While Republicans say they have no choice but to pass something, anything to avoid a barren political year after the Obamacare repeal debacle, a tax bill that can be painted as an insult to the middle class and a huge give away to the rich could backfire in mid-term elections next year.

Franken has apologized and said he does not remember that second incident in the same way, but he now faces a Senate ethics investigation that could see him fined, stripped of committee posts or even expelled. His aides insist the president wants voters in Alabama to determine Moore's fate.

On Friday, CNN's Dana Bash asked Marc Short, the White House legislative director, why Trump has remained silent on Moore while attacking Sen.

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