US Agency to Vote on Overturning Obama-Era 'Net Neutrality' Rules

US Agency to Vote on Overturning Obama-Era 'Net Neutrality' Rules

US Agency to Vote on Overturning Obama-Era 'Net Neutrality' Rules

Under his proposal, he says "the federal government will stop micromanaging the Internet".

"The removal of antiquated, restrictive regulations will pave the way for broadband network investment, expansion and upgrades", Spalter said in a statement.

Without net neutrality, internet providers could speed up their own shows they want you to watch.

Netflix also said that they didn't support the FCC.

Under the measure, internet service providers would have to inform customers about issues including blocking, Politico reported Monday.

"We're very encouraged by Chairman Pai's announcement today that the FCC will move forward next month to restore the successful light-touch regulatory framework for internet services", Verizon said in its statement.
Democrats and internet companies said the rules are needed to prevent broadband providers from favoring their business partners' offerings, or their own video and other content. "If Internet access providers can block some services and cut special deals that prioritize some companies' content over others, that would threaten the innovation that makes the Internet awesome". Then-FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler called it a victory, saying the rules allowed the commission to act as an Internet "referee".

A USA appeals court past year upheld the legality of the net neutrality regulations, which were challenged in a lawsuit led by telecommunications industry trade association US Telecom.

Net neutrality advocates are outraged, and plans for protests are underway.

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Pai, who has repeatedly rejected claims that the FCC is making rules changes with Sinclair in mind, said the review will include public input.

The planned repeal represents the latest example of a legacy achievement of Obama being erased since Trump took office in January.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai circulates a draft of a rulemaking to consider retaining, modifying or eliminating the cap that, with the restoration of the UHF discount earlier this year, now enables TV station groups to reach as many as 78% of TV homes.

The FCC under Obama regulated internet service providers like public utilities under a section of federal law that gave the agency sweeping oversight over the conduct of these companies.

Acting Federal Trade Commission Chair Maureen Ohlhausen expressed support for the FCC's plan.

Language in the new proposal would give the FCC significantly less authority to oversee the web.

"The administration is moving to destroy the openness and dynamism of the internet", Pelosi said in an email message.

This broader mandate to prevent unreasonable ISP discrimination, even when it doesn't fall neatly under a bright-line prohibition, is crucial to preventing interference with internet traffic at interconnection points and other "upstream" bottlenecks that ISPs can abuse.

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