Chrome will start blocking 'intrusive' ads starting February 15

Chrome will start blocking 'intrusive' ads starting February 15

Chrome will start blocking 'intrusive' ads starting February 15

We reported on rumors of future baked-in ad-blocking in Google's popular Chrome web browser back in April. The idea of the whole thing is to prevent online ads from becoming too aggressive or in your face, and I'm sure that's something anyone who's ever gone online can stand behind.

After announcing in June that Google planned to start blocking ads in Chrome at some point in early 2018, ads that violate the Better Ads Standards, Google has updated us today with an official date.

Yesterday, the Coalition for Better Ads announced the "Better Ads Experience Program."

The whole idea of ad blocking caught fire AdBlocker first came up with add-on to enable online users to block ads they consider intrusive. Beginning the day after Valentine's Day, sites sporting ads that don't meet the Coalition for Better Ads' standards for 30 days will have all ads blocked in Chrome.

Chrome will start blocking 'intrusive' ads starting February 15

Announced on Monday, the Coalition for Better Ads Experience Program is a voluntary initiative created to improve the online ad experience for both consumers and publishers.

The native ad blocker in Chrome will block all ads on a webpage even if a single ad doesn't follow the aforementioned standards.

Google's hope is that Chrome's built-in ad blocker - which it sees as a "natural evolution of pop-up blockers" - will reduce the use of the third-party blockers that hide all ads. A handful of publishers rely on annoying and disruptive ads which is why people tend to use ad blockers. This is also where alleged violations can be appealed by website owners. That means avoiding popups, prestitial ads with countdown timers, auto-playing videos with sound, and large ads that stick to the screen as you scroll.

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