December supermoon dazzles in the night sky

December supermoon dazzles in the night sky

December supermoon dazzles in the night sky

"A supermoon is a moon that is full when it is also at or near its closest point in its orbit around Earth", according to "About twice each year, a full moon lines up perfectly with the earth and sun such that earth's shadow totally blocks the sun's light, which would normally reflect off the moon". Pictures show the moon hanging over some of the world's most famous places and sights, looking nearly worryingly close to the Earth. The moon appears to be about 14% larger and about 7 % brighter.

If you missed this one, there are two more Supermoons coming very soon in 2018.

Sunday's moon was the first of three consecutive supermoons. A third supermoon on January 31 will be extra special.

You may have noticed a full moon this weekend but there was something even more special or "super" about it.

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The Supermoon rises above Whitby Abbey in Whitby, north east England, Sunday Dec. 3, 2017.

Whether it is was the prospect of standing outside in the cold weather, cloud cover, or your bad memory that meant you missed last night's supermoon then fear not.

The supermoon sets behind the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge in this photo by astrophotographer Kwong Liew.

A year ago the moon made its closest approach to the Earth since 1948, and it won't be this close again until November 25, 2034.

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