Gaza boy, 4, succumbs to wounds from 2014 Israel war

Gaza boy, 4, succumbs to wounds from 2014 Israel war

Gaza boy, 4, succumbs to wounds from 2014 Israel war

The Israeli army and Air Force fired many shells and missiles into border areas, in the Gaza Strip, in addition to firing dozens of rounds of live ammunition, while Israeli drones flew over the coastal region.

Israel holds Hamas responsible for all activity happening in the Gaza Strip.

They added that two other shells were also fired from Gaza, but landed inside the Gaza Strip. The small, radical group is affiliated with al-Qaeda.

Clashes were also reported throughout Judea and Samaria as Palestinians rioted following United States President Donald Trump's declaration Wednesday night that the USA recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

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The Palestinian Authority called for a general strike in Palestinian cities as a result of Trump's declaration, while Hamas has taken a harder line and is advocating for a new Palestinian uprising.

Last week, the Islamic Jihad launched a dozen mortar shells at an army post northeast of the Strip, causing no injuries but some damage to army equipment.

The rocket fire followed several clashes between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli forces along the Gaza border earlier in the day, in which at least nine Gazans were injured, according to the local health ministry.

The announcement was a major shift by Washington that overturns decades of United States foreign policy.

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