Google Launches Datally a data-monitoring app [Download]

Google Launches Datally a data-monitoring app [Download]

Google Launches Datally a data-monitoring app [Download]

Today Google announced Datally, a smart and simple Android app that helps smartphone users understand, control, and save mobile data. The app also will alert you when public Wi-Fi is nearby. Formerly known as Triangle whilst in beta, the app lets you block background data usage on a per-app basis, and makesit much easier to access data-related settings.

The app was tested in the Philippines over the past few months, and Google has professed that users saved up to 30% of data.

Google introduced a new app that will help users to control and save data on their smartphones. Are you a heavy data user at night?

Google says Datally will soon allow users to check their mobile data balance and set balance expiration reminders. And to stay true to its objective, Google has also given it the ability to find WiFi hotspots you can connect to. Suddenly, you find that all your mobile data has vanished into thin air without your knowledge. In some cases, that may including turning off some apps that eat up data even when not in use. There is a chat bubble as well that pops up to notify when an app connected to the internet is active and how much data it is draining.

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The offering is the most recent from Google Next Billion Users division, an inward push to make web benefits more open to individuals in nations where innovation foundation isn't as quick or reasonable as in the United States or Western Europe. What's really odd is that the app needs a VPN to block data.

"Through tracking and controlling app data usage, you save more data and get the most out of your phone", claims Google. As you navigate around your phone, a little Datally bubble appears overlayed above the app, providing real-time data usage information. That said, looking at the awful reviews SmartApp seems to have gotten on the Play Store, it doesn't look like it's going to be competition for Datally. Having daily, weekly and monthly stats in front of you is added advantage as it will also give users an idea if they need to switch to a higher data plan.

One of the most common problems with most apps on Android is that they consume a lot of data in the background.

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