Residents get a glimpse of the 'supermoon' Sunday night

Residents get a glimpse of the 'supermoon' Sunday night

Residents get a glimpse of the 'supermoon' Sunday night

In November 2016, the moon reached a distance closest to the Earth than ever seen since 1948, producing a supersized supermoon. Far passes are called "apogee".

The difference is noticeable for close observers - particularly if the moon is near the horizon, where it can be compared with terrestrial landmarks.

The Slooh Supermoon Challenge livestream will kick off on Sunday December 3 at 9pm EST (Monday December 4 at 2am). The moon's orbit around our planet is tilted so it usually falls above or below the shadow of the earth.

Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has denied reports of supermoon sighting in Pakistan in a statement issued on Saturday by clearing that it would be full moon instead. "The farther side, is called 'apogee" and the closer side, is called 'perigee.' The full moons with a closest perigee seem to be approximately 14 percent bigger, and 30 percent more brillant, but close to the apogee in the moon's orbit.

It'll be almost full Saturday night with clear skies for viewing. However, on Sunday night, the moon will still shine 16 percent brighter and appear 7 percent larger than its usual size. During a supermoon, the full moon comes to fruition at the same time as a close pass.

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While the moon is undoubtedly both bigger and brighter than usual, our eyes tend to trick us into seeing the moon as larger than it truly is.

If you aren't able to observe this weekend's supermoon, don't worry: The new year kicks off with two supermoons straight from the gate.

To see the moon at its most vivid, it's best to catch a glimpse just after sun down.

The January 31 supermoon will also be the second full Moon of the month.

A Blue Moon can be a supermoon, just like any other full moon. That'll be a super moon, even by Neil deGrasse Tyson's standards.

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