Trump Fires HIV/AIDS Council in Its Entirety by FedEx Letter, Report Claims

Trump Fires HIV/AIDS Council in Its Entirety by FedEx Letter, Report Claims

Trump Fires HIV/AIDS Council in Its Entirety by FedEx Letter, Report Claims

President Donald Trump fired the remaining members of the White House's advisory council on HIV/AIDS on Wednesday.

With no explanation, the White House has terminated members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS amid widespread discontent with President Trump's approach to the epidemic.

According to the Blade, numerous advisers had time left on their terms, and fired advisers say this purge seems much more arbitrary than Obama's. "Like any administration, they want their own people there. Two, many of us, our terms were over earlier this year and we were sworn back in, and three were stayed on almost four months after an executive order was signed continuing the council", he said.

Cecilia Chung, an Obama-era appointee who left voluntarily after her term expired earlier this year, echoed these concerns.

This follows six of the council members resigning from their positions in June, citing Trump's regressive legislation and inaction on the global HIV/AIDS crisis as the reasons in an open letter to Newsweek. "No respect for their service", Schoettes wrote on the social media site. "Dangerous that #Trump and Co".

Sullivan, who's a professor at Emory University specializing in HIV research, did not explicitly criticize the administration's decision to fire him and his fellow panel members, adding that there are plenty of scientists who can fill his position as long as USA policy sticks to "well-established" and science-based research.

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Also of note, during the Obama administration, almost all of George W. Bush's appointees were eliminated prior to new appointees being named. "And a lot of those key vulnerable populations are not being prioritized in this administration".

Trump's 2017 World AIDS Day proclamation didn't even mention LGBTQ people (although neither did the proclamations of some previous presidents). But it's more typical for members to serve staggered terms and rotate off gradually, he said.

"I think where the discrepancy comes in is why a year later, No. 1?" Some 25 members can be commissioned for the council, also known as "PACHA", but as November only 10 members were listed on the council's website. Members, who are not paid, offer recommendations on the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, a five-year plan responding to the epidemic.

"While we have made considerable progress in recent decades, tens of thousands of Americans are infected with HIV every year".

It's unclear whether he actually said that or not - the allegation came from an unnamed source, and Trump has further denied he made those comments. The Washington Blade reported in October gay Republicans familiar with HIV/AIDS issues and LGBT people have been among those contacted by a Trump administration official for possible appointments to PACHA.

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