You will now see "Recommended" posts in your main Instagram feed

You will now see

You will now see "Recommended" posts in your main Instagram feed

Some people aren't really too happy with having recommended posts mixed in with your feed. These posts are labeled "Recommended For You" by Instagram.

Instagram has quietly changed its users" feed by adding new "Recommended posts' feature, which is reportedly the photos or posts liked by your friends. It will appear after the user has watched all the posts in the feed. With the new "Recommended for You" feature, these posts will appear directly in the normal feed. "I follow the accounts I follow for a reason", Tweeted by a user called Bella. It will have three to five recommended posts. Sharing a unique coupon code or special promotion offer on Instagram can also be very helpful.

This is being perceived as a big change made by Instagram.

This is one of the first major overhauls to Instagram's feed since it changed from a chronological order to an order based on an algorithm. Besides Instagram determining which of your friend's posts are worthy of being seen, it now injects stranger's posts into your feed. The company hopes the tweak will help to drive engagement with the Instagram app, which of course would then allow it to charge top dollar to advertisers aiming to sell their products to as many users as possible. It means users scrolling through their home feed will now no longer only see posts from accounts they directly follow alongside the ads. For the hashtags, you can easily opt in and out voluntarily.

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It's very hard though to see why this could be a problem for anyone.

There's no doubt that there will be a number of users who will not like the "recommended posts" feature.

December has been quite an eventful month for Instagram, as it rolled out features like Stories Archives, Inline Comments, and, our personal favorite, the ability to follow hashtags just like you would follow a regular account.

As announced, Instagram is bringing their new feature to their apps.

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