Biggest supermoon of 2018 to shine over Taiwan tonight

Biggest supermoon of 2018 to shine over Taiwan tonight

Biggest supermoon of 2018 to shine over Taiwan tonight

NASA says this will be the biggest and brightest supermoon of 2018.

Thomas snapped this photo over Newquay on New Year's Day evening, showing the harbour bathed in moonlight.

When a February within that 19-year period has no full moon, which happens in 2018, that's when two blue moons can happen in the same calendar year.

The most super of the "supermoon trilogy" will grace our skies tonight - though cloud cover across New Zealand may mean Kiwis will miss out on catching a glimpse of the lunar event.

In the United Kingdom, the peak point was just before 2.30am on Tuesday but we reckon it looked pretty impressive earlier in the evening!

This makes the moon appears a lot bigger and brighter compared to a normal full moon.

Brian Sheen from the Roseland Observatory told Pirate FM that the second will be on the 31st of the month.

On January 15, the moon is estimated to be 406,423 kilometers away. But experts agree that the best time to view the moon is right as it is over the horizon, because that's when it appears the largest.

First Blue Moon total eclipse in 150 years coming this month

Meanwhile, a lunar eclipse, a point at which the moon passes behind the Earth into its umbra (shadow), will begin at 6:51 p.m. on January 31 and will be best observed in Taiwan between 8:51 10:08 p.m., said the observatory. But, this Blue Moon, which is also a Supermoon, will bring another treat.

Don't expect a blue color, though, the event has nothing to with the color of the moon.

Noah Petro, a research scientist from Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Center, said the three supermoons were ideal chances to get into sky gazing.

A lunar eclipse - when the moon passes through the earth's shadow - will also take place on January 31. The next supermoon will be on January 31.

Also, the 2nd full moon is extra special, as it is many times referred to as the "blue moon" being the 2nd in a month.

Beach shack operators had complained about a lack of warning earlier this month, after a combination of cyclone Ockhi and Supermoon wrecked havoc on the beaches, with the rising water damaging several beach shacks and eroding beach stretches, popular with tourists.

"Shack owners, water sports operators and other activities on the beaches are hereby directed to be on high alert on January 1-2 and January 30 and shall take all precautionary measures for avoiding any dangers to life and property", D'Souza added.

You won't have to wait long for the first supermoon of 2018
For those still nursing a hangover the night of January 1, an even more intriguing supermoon will rise the night of January 31. The second supermoon in a single month, nicknamed "blue supermoon", occurs every two and a half year on average.

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