Google is Merging Android Pay and Google Wallet into a Single Service

Google is Merging Android Pay and Google Wallet into a Single Service

Google is Merging Android Pay and Google Wallet into a Single Service

If you have payment information saved to you Google account, you can pay online, in store and in apps using Google Pay. It says that the new payment service is already available on Airbnb, Dice, Fandango, HungryHouse, Instacart, and other apps and website.

Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from The Jolt Journal. Called Google Pay, the service will provide the same feature set as users already experience when paying for things with their Android phones. Lastly, Instacart orders of at least $35 completed with Google Pay by January 16 score $10 markdowns. With Google Pay, you can save your payment information to your Google Account, and use it for checkout process wherever it is supported. Henceforth, the company will use the Google Pay logo and branding wherever the aforementioned payment systems appeared. We all have fond memories of Google's first NFC-enabled payment portal AKA Google Wallet, which then got rebranded to Android Pay, which, to be honest, got a tad confusing for some users. It also means much more brand awareness for a service that many users aren't even aware exists.

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"Google Pay addresses one of the biggest barriers for mobile commerce today - the inconvenience of entering card details". There's Samsung Pay, Walmart Pay, and Fitbit Pay just to name a few, and of course PayPal and Venmo. We think this could be about having a single purchasing tool available across every device you own. Google announced that it's consolidating all platforms under the Google Pay banner.

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