House votes to reauthorize controversial FISA

House votes to reauthorize controversial FISA

House votes to reauthorize controversial FISA

After an intense debate, the vote failed 183-233. "Spying is valid to find the foreign agents among us, but it's gotta be based on suspicion".

The USA Rights Act would allow the government to continue surveillance for foreign intelligence but would require a warrant before looking at communications by Americans.

Americans cannot be the subject of 702 surveillance, but can be picked up in the surveillance of foreign targets.

The program is set to expire on January 19 unless Congress acts. Rand Paul announced he will filibuster because of a lack of protections for citizens.

The House on Thursday approved legislation reauthorizing a powerful surveillance program, hours after President Trump weighed in on the controversial program.

The Republican leadership in the House has supported legislation from Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) that would re-authorize Section 702 without new privacy safeguards.

President Donald Trump appeared to contradict the official White House position Thursday morning, criticizing the program and suggesting it played a role in the surveillance of officials on his presidential campaign.

He said that "today's vote is about foreign surveillance of foreign bad guys on foreign land". "This strikes the balance that we must have between honoring and protecting the privacy rights of citizens. and making sure we have the tools we need in this age of 21st century terrorism to keep our citizens safe".

On Wednesday, the White House issued a statement opposing changes to the program.

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In the increasingly partisan House, you might think it was a foregone conclusion that that bill would pass.

"It's well known that he has concerns about the domestic FISA law". But in the years after the law was passed, US intelligence agencies were found to be snooping on Americans' phone calls and in 2015, Sensenbrenner authored the USA Freedom Act that sharply curtailed the NSA's ability to collect phone meta-data on Americans. Afterward, Trump had a phone call with House Speaker Paul Ryan, according to a Republican familiar with the call but not allowed to publicly discuss private discussions. "The Constitution really isn't guaranteed to everyone around the world, it's guaranteed to us here", he said. Exactly what he supports isn't completely clear. "This sweeping authority has been clouded in secrecy, in part because the government refuses to answer essential questions about how it impacts Americans, including who can be targeted and how many American communications the government collects".

The bill approved by the House allows the Federal Bureau of Investigation to continue scanning the database, using search terms, for information on Americans.

"No one could believe it", another Republican supportive of the FISA reauthorization said.

The Prism program collects communications from internet services directly.

By contrast, the USA RIGHTS amendment contains meaningful reforms to Section 702, which are imperative given our government's historical abuse of surveillance authorities, contemporary noncompliance with this authority, and the danger posed by potential future abuses. The law must be changed to account for this, and future presidents.

The law gives US intelligence agencies the power to spy on the electronic communications and phone calls of foreigners residing outside the United States to try to gather information about any terrorist plots or activities. Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden and Republican Sen. "And she was for other types of energy that don't have the same capacities at this moment, certainly", he said in the White House East Room. "What Section 702 was designed and meant to do was to knock down those walls", Pompeo said at an event hosted by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

But the intelligence community and Trump administration balked at that proposal, saying it would impede their efforts to protect the country to require warrants to query information the government already possesses. This is called the "backdoor loophole" to the Fourth Amendment's prohibition on warrantless spying, and it needs to go.

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