Kia Presents its Vision for Future Mobility at CES 2018

Kia Presents its Vision for Future Mobility at CES 2018

Kia Presents its Vision for Future Mobility at CES 2018

We'll of course be keeping you up to date on additional details regarding the Kia Niro EV as it gets closer to production. It'll go hand in hand with the automaker's plans for connected and autonomous cars, too. "Due to launch in 2020, this FCEV will spearhead Kia's efforts to realize a zero-emission future for mobility", says Dr. Woong-chul Yang, vice chairman and head of Kia's R&D center. Kia expects that to be sufficient for around 238 miles of range. As part of this, the manufacturer also aims to have a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle on the road by 2020.

Alongside Kia's new concept, the brand will reveal a range of new in-car features and innovations at CES 2018. Up front, the traditional grille is replaced with an interactive display panel. For example, the Niro EV Concept is equipped with the new Active Pedestrian Warning System (APWS) which combines front view cameras, object recognition technology and front speakers to alert pedestrians or cyclists crossing in front of the vehicle.

The Kia Niro EV concept is slightly larger than the first two - hybrid and plug-in - versions of the Niro. It is, we're assured, built using new production technology earmarked for "near-future EVs" from the South Korean giant.

It seems likely the production version of the Niro EV will arrive later this year, with Kia planning a total of 16 new electric vehicles - including five hybrids and plug-ins, five BEVs and an FCEV - by 2025.

Powering the Niro EV Concept is a 64kWh lithium-polymer battery which drives a single 150kW motor.

Kia Niro EV Concept

Kia debuted different cockpits demonstrating technology for the Niro EV concept.

Kia says the goal is "an innate sense of space and calm" inside the auto, which is enhanced by "soft shades of silver, grey, and bronze" on every piece of the interior. The safety system uses cameras to monitor for objects and is fitted with speakers to alert people who might be in the vehicle's way.

Next up, connected auto technologies will be a staple in every vehicle segment, with the goal to make every single model a connected auto by 2030.

Kia's human machine interface supports face and voice recognition that allows the vehicle to recognize who's piloting it, and then adjust the settings to their programmed preferences. These "Smart City" autonomous vehicles will commence testing later in 2021.

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