Upcoming Battle Royale Mode "Battlegrounds" Revealed for Paladins

Upcoming Battle Royale Mode

Upcoming Battle Royale Mode "Battlegrounds" Revealed for Paladins

Champion of the Realm has garnered quite a loyal following since arriving on the scene, and now the developer has announced that the game is receiving a Battle Royale mode, called simply Champions: Battlegrounds. The bad news is that it'll probably require a lot more coordination than most Paladins players are used to. The MOBA roots can definitely make a difference in the Battle Royale genre; just think about the different roles like supporters and tanks.

Paladins is the latest game to jump on the Battle Royale bandwagon along with Fortnite and with the increasing popularity of these type of games it'd come as no surprise if more titles this year chose to release a similar battle royale mode themselves.

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Paladins: Battlegrounds is set to come to Paladins later in 2018. Will Battle Royale work well with Paladins? It will see 100 players gathered on a map over 300 times the size of a typical Paladins Siege map, looting gear and eliminating each other. Players will loot outposts, fight for gear dropped by zeppelins and be forced to confront each other as an ever-encroaching fog pushes teams into tighter and tighter battle zones. It will launch alongside the new Trade District map. Along with getting a pretty sweet looking mount, Twitch Prime members will also receive a new Bomb King skin as well. Meet Moji, the name of the new champion rides into battle onto a two-=headed dragon which you feed snacks to reload it's magical energy. A new Champion, the game's 35th, is coming and she's called Moji. Hi-Rez said that Paladins: Battlegrounds will be built with squads in mind; the hero-based battle royale mode will apparently be a last team standing affair.

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