Apple to Revamp Software Development Cycle, Adopt Slower Cadences

Apple to Revamp Software Development Cycle, Adopt Slower Cadences

Apple to Revamp Software Development Cycle, Adopt Slower Cadences

iPhone updates might take a bit longer.

These features were delayed after Apple concluded it needed its own major upgrade in the way the company develops and introduces new products.

Apple will still release iOS 12 in the spring as usual, but the company is allowing its engineers to delay the release of some features so they can instead focus on reliability and performance. The new strategy is meant to allow Apple to avoid releasing new features with bugs, avoid missing schedules and actually fulfill the promises it makes at its annual developer conference in June. This year's iOS upgrade will not only be known for several new additions, but also for the way Apple carries its iOS release cycle, according to Bloomberg.

So even if Google (googl) and Android manufacturers such as Samsung (ssnlf) often beat Apple to the punch when it came to releasing new features, such as multitasking or predictive typing, Apple devotees could at least say that their platform would do it right when it got round to doing it.

A former intern at Apple reportedly leaked a portion of source code for iOS, the proprietary iPhone operating system. The Animoji characters will also come to the iPad, with the company reportedly working on a model of the tablet with a Face ID camera. Internally codenamed "Peace", iOS 12 will focus on fine tuning and polishing the user experience and numerous features initially planned for this release will get postponed to iOS 13 slated to debut in 2019.

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Thoughts on Apple's new approach to developing iOS and macOS updates?

As you can see, Apple will continue to update its software annually, but without rushing developers to meet annual deadlines. Apple's animated emojis feature was released with the iPhone X a year ago. While the mechanics are still to be announced, developers will be able to design a single third-party app that works using a touchscreen, a mouse, or a trackpad, depending on whether it's running on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Apple might be pivoting its focus to stability as far as iOS and macOS updates are concerned.

It will also, it's claimed, push back what had been planned changes for devices other than the iPhone. In recent months both devices have been plagued with many bugs, and consumers are starting to notice.

Bloomberg is also reporting that the expected redesigned home screens for iPhone, iPad and CarPlay, won't be released until 2019. For example, you could run the Messages app twice side-by-side to interact with two threads at once.

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