Crashed with a Character: The Apple Text Bomb

Crashed with a Character: The Apple Text Bomb

Crashed with a Character: The Apple Text Bomb

Whether you type it in yourself or receive it in a message, there's one character in the Telugu language of India that appears to crash any Apple device as soon as it appears.

Since it surfaced last week, Apple has acknowledged the issue and says it is working to fix it.

The issue was troubling for iPhone users, as the affected apps would continue to crash even after reloading them, essentially shutting users out - only deleting the character using complex workarounds would liberate the app.

Apple started rolling out iOS 11.2.6 that was exclusively released to deal with the Telugu bug, which crashes iPhones and iPads.

Similar to the iOS 11.2.6 update, watchOS 4.2.3 also fixes the issue that was causing certain characters to crash apps.

The only operating system safe from the bug is iOS 11.3, which is now only available to a small number of users as it is tested before a broader release.

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The bug also afflicts other third-party applications, such as Gmail and Outlook for iOS.

Yes, there is a short-term solution but users are advised to be little cautious until Apple releases the bug-fix.

It has been barely three days since a Telugu Unicode character wreaked havoc by crashing iMessage, WhatsApp and other messenger apps on iPhones.

For Mac machines, Apple has released macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 supplement update that also addresses to the Telugu character bug. The TV device update is available via its Settings app and the new watchOS version can be downloade via the Watch iOS app.

News of the bug made the rounds last week with videos showing how messaging a specific character could cause the iOS springboard to crash. In a statement sent by an Apple representative to The Verge, the company promised to solve the issue with the next minor update, the iOS 11.2.6.

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